Digitaki o Tuwai ena timi ni tadra Viliame Ravai | Monday, March 12, 2018

ESA mai digitaki talega na kavetani ni Fiji Airways Fiji 7s ko Jerry Tuwai ena timi ni tadra mai Las Vegas.

E ratou a tomani Tuwai ena timi ni tadra ko Perry Baker, Ben Pinkelman kei Danny Barrett mai na timi ni USA, Luke Morgan mai na timi ni Welesi kei Cecil Africa mai na timi ni Sauca Aferika.

Na timi ni Viti a qaqa vei Sauca Aferika ena kena valataki nai katolu ni itutu ena 26 kei 22 ni oti na nodratou a druka mai vei USA ena 19 kei 7 ena i matai ni semi fainala. A mani qaqa ena sotasota ni Las Vegas 7s na i taukei ni rara oya na timi ni USA ena 28 ka saiva na timi ni Argentina.

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Nai Lalakai Online background
FIJI'S iTaukei language newspaper Nai Lalakai went online on March 2nd, 2012, as it celebrated its 50th anniversary. Nai Lalakai editor Anare Ravula said this was a major milestone being the first iTaukei newspaper in the world to go online.
"This will be a great advantage for locals living overseas, particularly our readers who are soldiers and Fijians serving in the British Army," Mr Ravula said.
"I am delighted with it, it's a major project and it is a major achievement for the newspaper and greater service to our readers offshore," The Fiji Times publisher Hank Arts said. "I think the people will love it," he said.
The Fiji Times editor-in-chief Fred Wesley voiced similar sentiments and added uploading the vernacular newspaper online was part of The Fiji Times' service to its readers.
"We hope this site will assist our readers in terms of helping them understand and value the iTaukei language, culture and traditions," Mr Wesley said.