2022 Fiji Elections: ‘Country needs new government’

THE People's Alliance (PA) party candidate Ratu Filipe Leigh Dokololo Nainoca says he is contesting the 2022 General Election because he believes the country needs a new leader and government. Picture: Jonacani Lalakobau

THE People’s Alliance (PA) party candidate Ratu Filipe Leigh Dokololo Nainoca says he is contesting the 2022 General Election because he believes the country needs a new leader and government.

Originally from Laselase Village in Nadroga, the 63-year-old is an electrical engineer by profession who attended Ratu Kadavulevu Secondary, Suva Grammar School and later completed his diploma in Electrical Engineering from the Fiji Institute of Technology and the NZ Certificate of Engineering from the Central Institute of Technology in New Zealand.

He also studied at Curtin University in Perth, Australia.

Mr Nainoca worked at the Public Works Department for 23 years before resigning as acting principal engineer electrical in October 2000 to join BP Oil as projects engineer.

During the 23 years with the government, he built up an intimate knowledge of Fiji having travelled extensively throughout the country, surveying, planning, and implementing electrical projects for the government.

He was responsible for implementing Government’s Rural Electrification Program and looked after the electrical services of Nabouwalu, Rotuma, Lakeba and Kadavu government stations.

He joined the Fiji Electricity Authority in 2006 as Technical Services Manager, responsible for metering and the rollout of prepayment metering system and the inclusion of smart metering throughout the FEA electrical network to measure and monitor electrical energy losses in the system.

Mr Nainoca was appointed general manager customer services for FEA in 2009 to 2012.

He joined the Fiji Red Cross Society as director general in June 2012 and retired in September 2019.

“I am thankful to God for giving me a second opportunity to serve the people of Fiji after my seven years with the Fiji Red Cross Society,” he said.

“Red Cross opened my eyes to a lot of things and it was difficult for me who was leading a humanitarian organisation not to be impacted by what I saw.

“I could watch from both ends – how government is responding and how we as humanitarian organisations are responding.

“I think we need to do better both in how we help people during times of disaster.”

In 2021 he was awarded the 50th anniversary of Independence commemorative medal in recognition of his humanitarian work with Fiji Red Cross.

Mr Nainoca said he believed PA, under the leadership of Mr Rabuka, would provide a truly genuine democratic government for all of Fiji.

“I want to be part of the team that will create this change because we must change.

“Mr Rabuka’s vision of shared leadership and partnership provides for all of us the best possible solution for building our beloved country together.

“We cannot continue to be led in the direction we are now heading where only the thinking of a select few counts, while the rest are left to follow doing only what they are told and where the thinking of ‘I win and you lose’ provide the fundamental basis for decision making.”

He said he was committed to the protection of iTaukei lands and improving the infrastructure in areas of road, water, electricity in the country.

“As the cost-of-living spiral out of control, we must seek out ways to alleviate human suffering by working creatively to provide solutions for all who are in need.

“We do this by first appreciating the human dignity of those who serve, such as our teachers, doctors, nurses, engineers, builders, accountants, lawyers and all those who work on our behalf.

“We are a great people and must preserve our culture, traditions, and Christian heritage, which is what we share with the world.

“I believe that only we the PA and our partner the National Federation Party (NFP) have the vision, ability and commitment to make this change.”

Mr Nainoca is married to Daiana and the couple have three children and four grandchildren.

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