2022 General Election: Campaigns intensify

National Federation Party leader Prof Biman Prasad speaking at a rally in Sigatoka. Picture: SCREENGRAB

Expect the election campaigns to get dirtier in the last week of the campaign period, National Federation Party leader Prof Biman Prasad told a rally in Sigatoka on Saturday night.

He said two NFP billboards were vandalised in Suva on Friday.

“The dirty campaigns of FijiFirst is increasing through fake accounts on social media,” he said.

“Last time in the blackout period they spread lies that if Rabuka came in, the Diwali holiday will be removed and no one could counter that because of the blackout period.

“This time around, they will also do something similar.

“The leaders of FijiFirst, Frank and Aiyaz are scaring the voters,” he told the meeting. He alleged that FijiFirst party supporters were “going house to house, telling especially the Indian voters if Rabuka wins, the iTaukei will come into your house”.

“The leader of democracy should say if Biman comes, he has this policy that won’t work. Don’t say if Biman Prasad or Rabuka will come, there will be upheaval in the country.

“This is the dirty policies that will reach its peak this week. “Don’t be scared. Don’t listen to these threats.”

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