2022 General Election: Chief: Cast your votes

Turaga Na Tui Tavuki Ratu Penioni Nacagilevu in Tavuki Village, Kadavu. Picture: ARIETA VAKASUKAWAQA

Kadavu chief, Turaga Na Tui Tavuki Ratu Penioni Nacagilevu says he will cast his vote on December 14 because he believes this is the only chance he gets to choose which political party he wants to run government.

The island of Kadavu has a population of close to 8000 people with more than 70 villages.

“There is no need to complain after the general election when you choose not to vote,” Ratu Penioni said.

“Even a lot of people are complaining about this FijiFirst Government, what people need to understand is that this government was elected by the people in the 2018 general elections. “No government after a general election just existed by itself, they were selected by the people.

“So, I urge people to cast their votes tomorrow (today) and on December 14.

“If you choose not to vote and then the election results come out, there is no need to complain then.”

He urged people that this opportunity to have a say on which government they wanted only comes once in four years.

He said before traditional leaders would issue a directive to villagers that they are vote for only a particular party.

“But now, human rights are more paramount where people are given the choice to choose a political party of their choice, so make use of it.

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