2022 General Election : District rep is all smiles

NUKU district representative (mata-ni-tikina) Ratu Elia Nasauvinaka said he was happy to see Naimasimasi Village youths come out in numbers to vote during pre-polling voting on Wednesday.

“This is the second time pre-polling was held in this village and I am grateful to the Fijian Elections Office officials for making it easy for the voters,” he said.

“As the mata-ni-tikina, I have made it my duty to inform the turaga-ni-koro of the six villages in the district to encourage the villagers to vote and that their votes matter.

“During our village meetings prior to pre-polling, we were able to inform and educate the villagers, especially the youths, on the different parties.”

Ratu Elia said this was his second year as the mata-ni-tikina.

“My role is to tell each turaga-ni-koro what they need to do regarding their vanua, church duties and especially things with the government.

“That is why I made voting a critical topic to talk about in the past few months with the turaga-ni-koro. I’ve told them that if they wanted a good government that will be in direct contact with the village and villagers, they needed to vote wisely, especially those who are landowners.”

He said there were 230 people in the village and around 200 villagers had registered to vote.

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