City full of shoppers

Iliana Waqa (back right) and Mereani Rokovunisei with their children after shopping for stationeries in Suva. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

Parents and children crowded school supply shops and the streets of Suva late last week after many received government’s $200 per student back to school payment on Wednesday.

Iliana Waqa was among the many Fijians out shopping for school needs.

“Even though I have one child, I am so grateful for this cash assistance.

“I was quite shocked and impressed that I had received the $200 on time. I thought it would’ve been like last year when most of us received it a few days after the actual day it was supposed to be rolled out.

“Apart from that we are just so happy and we would like to thank the Government for assisting us parents and children when we really need it the most.”

Another mother, Mereani Rokovunisei, said the cash assistance was a “blessing”.

“I have three children and on Wednesday I was so happy that I received the cash one go for all my kids,” she said.

“We’ve been struggling and we are just thankful that the Government was able to assist us at a convenient time, especially since school is just around the corner and I know other parents also feel the same way.”

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