Clashes led to fight, residents claim

Police officers search for suspects believed to be part of a brawl in Jittu Estate in Raiwaqa, Suva yesterday. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

Residents of Jittu Estate, Suva, said a fight in the settlement on Sunday was the climax of a series of disturbances that had occurred over the past week.

Speaking to The Fiji Times on the condition of anonymity, residents said the first disturbance happened on Thursday between rival groups of women and there had been small skirmishes nearly every day in the leadup to the all-out street brawl on Sunday.

“They were arguing in the middle of the road and causing a big scene,” they said.

Residents also said similar incidents had been happening during the weekend – and during curfew hours.

They also raised concerns about intoxicated residents running around at all hours of the day, not adhering to COVID-19 health protocols.

“There is a lot of drinking here, young people and old people and they go around at all hours.

“They don’t follow the health advisories, even if you see the videos from the brawl, no one was wearing a mask.”

Residents also claimed people were making homebrew in the settlement.

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