COVID-19: Doctors identities leaked on social media

Ministry of Health and Medical Services permanent secretary, Dr. James Fong speaks to the media on the latest cases of COVID-19 during a press conference at the Ministry of Health headquarters conference room at Dinem House in Toorak, Suva. Picture: FILE

The identities of the two doctors at the Lautoka Divisional Hospital who are the latest cases of COVID-19 were leaked on social media.

This was highlighted at yesterday’s COVID-19 daily press briefing by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services permanent secretary Dr James Fong who said their personal choice to reveal their status was taken from them, and it has impacted them both quite badly.

“Those who are sharing their identities should stop,” Dr Fong said.

“I know that preventing information about a person from being shared on social media is akin to trying to stop the tides with a broom,” he said.

“But that doesn’t mean I won’t try. I want to appeal to people to think twice before they share this sort of private information.

“It reflects poorly on your values and respect for your fellow Fijians.

“The question you should ask yourself is: Would you like your personal information shared if you or one of your loved ones contracted the coronavirus? The sharing of private and confidential information does real damage to COVID-19 patients who truly do not need any more stress in their lives. We can do better, Fiji, and we should.”

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