COVID-19 Fiji: Naitasiri farmers turn to barter to obtain needed goods

Villagers from Naitasiri selling their produce at the Sawani border. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU/FT FILE

Naitasiri farmers are turning to barter as a means of procuring the goods they desperately need.

Apenisa Koroi of Nauluvatu Village was all smiles at the Sawani containment border yesterday after he received a bag of manure and a bottle of weedicide in exchange for dalo from his farm.

The Waidina man said the barter system was working well for them.

“I got in touch with a friend of mine and we worked out a deal, he bought the manure and weedicide and I gave him dalo,” Mr Koroi said.

“Even though it cost me $30 one way from Nauluvatu to Sawani, I had to make the trip because I needed the manure and weedicide.”

He said COVID-19 containment had brought his family closer together.

“My son is a Year 6 student at Waidina Secondary School and he is helping me plant dalo, so it has been good.”

Mr Koroi plants dalo, cassava, yaqona, banana and voivoi (pandanus) at his Nauluvatu farm on the banks of the Waidina River.

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