Emily’s daily burden is over

Children of Nawairabe Village enjoy water from the tap. Picture: SUPPLIED

The burden of fetching water from a nearby river for daily consumption is now over for Nawairabe, Navosa villager Emily Naivalurua.

The mother-of-five expressed this joy at the recent completion of the Nawairabe Ecological Purification System (EPS) project in the remote Navosa setting.

This newest project has not only brought relief to women in the Nasikawa District but also ensured their access to a reliable water source safe for human consumption.

Most of the village women expressed relief that their children would now have access to clean, safe drinking water.

“Before I have to walk for at least 100 metres to get to a small river that runs by the village to wash clothes and also fetch water for cooking, consumption and bathing,” Ms Naivalurua said.

“There was not much we could do and we were always concerned about any health implications this consumption of untreated water may have on our health and that of our children.

“But when we were informed of this assistance by the Government, we were not only happy, but we were very much relieved knowing that a huge burden has now been lifted off our shoulders.”

In commissioning the project, Assistant Minister for Rural and Maritime Development Jovesa Vocea said Government would conduct similar projects across rural and maritime communities in Fiji.

The Nawairabe EPS Project was funded by the Government under the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management’s High Priority Water and Sanitation Programme at a cost of $40,500.

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