‘Force does not condone use of undue force’

From left, Deputy Police Commissioner Itendra Nair with International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Eric Meier and ICRC head of delegation in the Pacifi c Vincent Orchilet at the Tanoa Plaza in Suva. Picture: JONA KONATACI

Deputy Police Commissioner Itendra Nair says illicit behaviour is not institutionalised in the Fiji Police Force (FPF), and the force does not condone the use of undue force.

He said the FPF stood for human rights and would continue to ensure Fijians were able to move around freely.

Mr Nair made the comment in response to a query on the recent investigation of a video that was circulated on social media of a policeman manhandling a bus driver in Labasa.

“As an institution, we take it there will always be isolated incidents of such nature,” the deputy commissioner said.

“As soon as incidents involving policemen are reported, we are very independent and our internal affairs kick in and starts doing its investigations.

“So, in any organisation you will have some elements as such where they will overstep, overreact.

“But as I’ve stated, if there are breaches, the FPF deal with the individuals as such and they are taken internally within our disciplinary mechanism.

“They are taken to task in terms of the criminal jurisdiction with the advice of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP).”

He said such activities were not institutionalised and the FPF did not condone these sort of actions.

“These illicit activities that we are talking about these are isolated incidents, it’s not institutionalised, it’s not within the institution.

“We stand for human rights and we make sure that the citizens of the country are able to move around by freedom of movement or those rights but with responsibility.

“Whenever their responsibility is breached, if there are offenses committed then police normally steps in and that is the responsibility of the FPF.”

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