If suspension is upheld expect posts to be advertised, says Rabuka

Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka speaks to members of the media yesterday. Picture: ATU RASEA

If the suspension of the Police Commissioner, Commissioner of Prisons, and Supervisor of Elections is upheld by a tribunal ruling, expect the posts to be advertised.

This, according to Prime Minister and Constitutional Offices Commission (COC) chair Sitiveni Rabuka following the appointment of new acting leaders of the three bodies.

He said the appointment was “procedural”.

“When someone is subjected to tribunal process, the next one in line normally steps up or the most qualified of those remaining steps up while we wait for the tribunal findings,” he said.

“If it warrants removal, then applications will be called through advertisements for people to apply for the positions.”

He said the appointments were normally made with those that were next in line, with the recommendation of those closely associated with the appointments.

Mr Rabuka also said in the case of the Police Commissioner, the appointment via the COC was open to all, including serving and former military personnel.

“(They) can also apply so (it’s) not that somebody can be transferred from the army to the police. There’ll be a new appointment so they’ll have to leave the force to apply for the other.”

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