Jokhan: Pupils should not be unduly penalised

Permanent secretary for Education Ministry Anjeela Jokhan receives hand sanitisers from Save the Children Fiji chief executive officer Shairana Ali in Suva on Monday, December 6, 2021. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

The Ministry of Education will not completely rely on one examination to assess students, says Education Ministry permanent secretary Dr Anjeela Jokhan.

“There are a number of ways in which you can assess students and several countries have been using several methods, it will not be fair at all, given the situation that students have been through to put all the assessment based on this one exam,” she said.

“So we will not rely completely on this one examination – that I can guarantee.

“And one of the things that we do just to ensure that students are not unduly penalised is to look at the history of their performance and then factor that into the final calculations.

“The details would be different for different countries, for different systems, but there are ways in which just to make sure that students are not penalised, you can look at their previous history of performance and then factor that in making a decision.”

She said it was important to consider that students were not penalised.

“We have looked at several methods, we have got several methods on the table, a lot of it would depend on how well or how poorly students have done.

“There are lots of combinations we can have, and we don’t want to pre-empt anything at this stage and go with any one recommendation.

“Bottom line is students should not be unduly penalised.”

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