Josese finds his passion

Josese says he is confident to pursue a passion in music. Picture: SUPPLIED

Some believe confidence can take one far in life. That is, when we’re confident, we’d more likely to move forward with dreams and opportunities — not back away from them.

That is what Josese Rokotakala Volavola, 21, believes in. Making music is the young lad’s dream and with confidence he is ready to make it happen.

Originally from Vatukoula, Josese came in second place at the recent Fiji Music Comp 2023. Rapping is what he does best, and it landed him a spot on Fiji’s music map.

To realise his dreams, he has had to put his education on hold for a while so that he may live out his passion of making music.

“I don’t come from a musician background, but I did grow up with rap and it’s a hit among my generation,” Josese said.

“I felt miserable knowing that I had more to deliver, but being judged by non rappers was understandable.

He said the Fiji Music Comp allowed him to dig deep into his passion and he signed up for it when the opportunity came around. So far, writing and making music have been some of his greatest achievements. “The most frustrating thing I came across on a daily basis is doubt, from people who thought I’d never make it.”

But just like all musicians who believe in themselves, he says ‘if there is a will then there will be a way’.

“I’ve reached where I am through self belief and determination, but if I’m being honest, it was all God.

“God, my family, and friends have been my greatest supporters. I am the man I am today because of the people that were and still remain part of my life. I am forever grateful to them.”

Josese’s message to youths is – “just do it.”

“Don’t take my words for it, the Bible says a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. Just do it!”

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