Kumar on qualifications

Minister for Education Premila Kumar. Picture: JONA KONATACI/FILE

Teachers who are not graduates in education are not teachers, says Minister for Education Premila Kumar.

While addressing heads of schools at the Tavua Primary School this week, Mrs Kumar explained the need for current teachers to acquire a qualification in education.

“We do have teachers who are not graduates,” she said.

“They have a degree but they have not done education units and teacher training.

“Can we call them a teacher as per the (Fiji Teachers Registration) legislation?

“They are not.”

She said under the Fiji Teachers Registration Act, these graduates needed to undergo teacher training to be qualified teachers.

“These teachers need to do education units and they need to do their teacher training.

“It is a requirement and we have been encouraging these teachers that you need to enrol yourself and get your qualifications right.”

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