Learning opportunity – First Lady is WEBC 10th anniversary dinner guest of honour

First Lady Madam Filomena Katonivere will be the Guest of Honour at the WEBC WIN Convention closing dinner this Saturday at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva. Picture: SUPPLIED

The 2023 WIN Convention will end on a high with the hosts, Women Entrepreneurs Business Council celebrating its 10th Anniversary over dinner on Saturday March 25th and will have the First Lady Madam Filomena Katonivere as its Guest of Honour at the WEBC WIN Convention Closing Dinner this Saturday at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva.

WIN Convention chairperson, Sharyne Fong said, “We are deeply honoured and humbled to have the First Lady, who has accepted our invitation be part of this 2nd WIN Convention.”

The convention is designed and hosted by women for women with the theme “Sustainable Solutions for Success” and is expected to give delegates an amazing opportunity to learn and network with women from across the micro to corporate level.

There is an amazing line up of eminent and prominent speakers who will share their journey and experiences at the convention. The moderators are all women who are either members of the Fiji Commerce & Employers Federation and the Women Entrepreneurs Business Council.

WEBC will also be launching its Green Policy at the WIN Convention, which is part of its 2022- 2027 strategic plan, and the guest speaker at the Friday evening cocktail who will talk on her experience in conservation work is Nunia Thomas-Moko, director of NatureFiji-MareqetiViti.

Ms Thomas-Moko was appointed as director of Nature- Fiji-MareqetiViti in February 2015, after serving as the organization’s acting director for two years. With a passion to look after and respect nature, and to inspire others to do so, her aim is to ensure that NatureFiji- MareqetiViti is the leading voice on Fiji’s domestic conservation issues.

She heads a team of four staff members, two interns and several volunteers, all working to enhance Fiji’s biodiversity and habitat conservation, protect endangered species and promote sustainable use of natural resources.

Overseeing the 22 projects in which NatureFiji-MareqetiViti is currently engaged, she actively works to raise public awareness of Fiji’s natural heritage and promotes collaborative conservation actions with the Government of Fiji, a wide array of scientists, civil society and the wider public.

In addition, she continues to serve as the organisation’s herpetologist in biodiversity expeditions, and to directly manage two projects (REDD Plus and the Arcadia Birdlife Partnership Grant).

Ms Thomas-Moko is the technical advisor on Fiji’s government-led National Protected Areas Committee and the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan Species Working Group; the National NGO focal point for Ramsar Communication, Education and Public Awareness; and currently serving her fifth year as a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature Species Survival Commission Steering Committee.

Prior to working with Nature- Fiji-MareqetiViti, Ms ThomasMoko was involved in planning and establishing long-term monitoring plots for invasive plants in two of Fiji’s protected areas (Wabu Forest Reserve and Sovi Basin), and conducted ecological studies on some of Fiji’s endangered species (Fiji crested iguana, Fiji ground frog, Giant forest honey-eater).

She has co-authored 12 scientific papers through her partnered research on such topics as Tropical Montane Cloud Forests, Fiji crested iguana ecology and Fiji ground frog ecology.

The convention closing speaker is Moses O’Connor. Moses is a multi-faceted professional with a passion for encouraging and motivating individuals to reach their fullest potential.

As the chief encouragement officer at MO, Mr O’Connor is an entrepreneur and consultant who operates his motivational speaking business under Divergent Pte Ltd T/A Moses O’Connor.

In addition to his role as a motivational speaker, Mr O’Connor is also a Spiritual Advisor and Lead Pastor at Inner City Tabernacle in Suva.

With a deep commitment to his faith, he uses his spiritual guidance and expertise to inspire and uplift those around him. Mr O’Connor is also an enthusiastic proponent of leadership and is highly regarded as a coach and mentor in this field.

Drawing from his experiences as a former banker and humanitarian aid worker in Cambodia, South East Asia, Mr O’Connor is able to share valuable insights and advice to help others succeed.

Whether he’s delivering inspiring speeches, providing spiritual guidance, or offering leadership coaching and mentorship, Mr O’Connor is a trusted and respected figure in his community and beyond.

WEBC is a council under the Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation (FCEF), and the WIN Convention according to WEBC Chairperson, Eseta Nadakuitavuki, has the full support of FCEF.

She said, “as promised last year, women in Fiji can expect this convention to be an esteemed annual event every March for women from all sectors of the community and this is only the beginning of many exciting learning opportunities for all Women in Fiji.”

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