‘Leaving no one behind’ | Fiji has fallen behind Ratu Sukuna’s united vision – Narube

Unity Fiji leader Savenaca Narube. Picture: FT FILE/ATU RASEA

Unity Fiji leader Savenaca Narube says all of Fiji must triple its efforts to achieve the true meaning of “leaving no one behind”.

In his message on the occasion of Ratu Sukuna Day today, Mr Narube thanked the Coalition Government for restoring the national remembrance of a great and visionary leader.

The late statesman, Mr Narube highlighted, had the courage at the very difficult colonial times to safeguard the resources of his future generations.

“To fully grasp the significance of what Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna achieved, we only need to ask the question of where Fiji would be without his land protection system,” he said.

The former Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF) governor said underlying Ratu Sukuna’s achievements was an economic vision for Fiji to be a prosperous and united country.

He reiterated that Fiji must not lose sight of this important vision.

“The major message from his famous three-legged stool is that we must work together for the stability and prosperity of all the people of Fiji.

“Unfortunately, in my view, the country has fallen well behind Ratu Sukuna’s economic and united vision.

“We must, therefore, triple our efforts to work together to better the lives of everyone and achieve the true meaning of the mantra of “leaving no one behind”.

“Ownership of our natural resources is not the issue. The real issue is to work together to pull the indigenous people out of poverty.

“In my view, this narrowing of the wealth gap will safeguard the political stability of the country and the peace and prosperity of all Fijians.”

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