Lynda: Leadership needs to change

Lynda Tabuya of The People’ Alliance party in Tavualevu this week. Picture: SUPPLIED

The People’s Alliance party vice president Lynda Tabuya claimed the FijiFirst party was “an arrogant leadership that needs to change”.

She made the comment while speaking at a joint campaign meeting with the National Federation Party in Tavua recently.

Ms Tabuya said a The People’s Alliance-NFP government would listen to Fijians.

“We need a new government that cares and this government is what we offer as The People’s Alliance and the National Federation Party,” she said.

“We need leaders that are ethical and we need leaders that care for the people.

“Those that come down to you and talk to you about laws that are going to be passed.

“They talk to you about laws that affect you every single day.

“We need a new government and we need that change in leadership. “And that time is now.”

Ms Tabuya also added that every eligible Fijian must exercise their right to vote come election time.

“Come polling day and you will encourage all your young people to turn up to vote — 178,000 voters did not vote in 2018. That needs to change.

“We need our young people to vote. “So please, it’s my plea, parents and guardians ensure that your young people turn up to vote on polling day.”

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