Lynda on notice to respond

The People's Alliance party provisional candidate, Lynda Tabuya. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

The People’s Alliance party deputy leader Lynda Tabuya has until today to respond to the Fijian Elections Office (FEO) in relation to the Rock the Vote Fiji organisation.

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said this at a news conference at the FEO headquarters in Suva yesterday.

He said Facebook posts had been deleted from a Rock the Vote Fiji social media page.

“There were instances where a lot of Facebook posts have been deleted by this particular organisation and this is where I see a lot of media statements made by representatives, particularly The People’s Alliance, claiming that they are not completely involved,” Mr Saneem said.

“We will now leave that to FICAC (Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption) to determine the investigation, however, we feel that it is unfair or in fact we can say they are lying after having deleted Facebook posts.

“So I will leave that matter to rest there.”

Mr Saneem said in relation to individuals who were representatives of The People’s Alliance party and Rock the Vote Fiji, the FEO was still waiting for responses from them.

“Lynda Tabua was supposed to respond by last Friday and she said she was busy and could not do so. “We have given an extension until tomorrow (today) to respond.

“With or without a response will make a determination whether we proceed under Section 19 or not.”

Mr Saneem said the FEO has dealt with three complaints – one from the National Federation Party, one from the FijiFirst party in relation to breaches of law by various representatives or various political parties which were referred as the primary face of breaches to FICAC for investigation, and the Rock the Vote Fiji issue which has been referred to FICAC for investigation.

“And we are currently doing our enquires with other individuals from People’s Alliance in relation to Rock the Vote Fiji.

“We might also be sending a letter to a person from Unity Fiji who was present at a launch of this organisation for further enquiries.”

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