No more risk in the water

Assistant Minister for Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management Jovesa Vocea with the women of Nawairabe Village after the commissioning of their new Ecological Purification System (EPS). Picture: SUPPLIED

The risk of contracting water-borne diseases will now be a thing of the past for villagers of Wauosi in the interior of Navosa after the recent commissioning of a $42,000 Ecological Purification System.

In acknowledging the assistance, village headman Manueli Rokoua said villagers were at peace knowing they would not have to worry about consuming untreated water, now that about 170 villagers had access to clean, safe and quality drinking water in their homes.

“We are very grateful to the Government for this huge assistance,” Mr Rokoua said.

“The improvement to our water source will really address and solve the health issues faced by the villagers over the years as a result of the quality of drinking water we previously had.

“We will strengthen the work of the water committee to ensure that the project is maintained and well-looked after.”

Wauosi Village women’s group leader Kalesiana Qumuqumu said the women were privileged to witness such a project because they themselves understood the daily burdens they have had to bear over the years.

The Health Ministry has for years identified the Navosa highlands as a red zone by for water-borne diseases. Government, through the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management, had stepped in to assist the village through its High Priority Water and Sanitation Programme.

In commissioning the water project, Assistant Minister for Rural and Maritime Development, Jovesa Vocea, said Government was committed to ensuring that every Fijian had access to clean, safe and quality drinking water.

“Water is essential for our daily needs, especially when we have children going to school. This is a good progress for the community here at Wauosi,” Mr Vocea said.

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