‘No RFL for promotions’

Police officers on patrol in Suva. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

Fiji’s Acting Commissioner of Police Juki Fong Chew has announced his intention to remove the Required Fitness Level Test (RFL) for police officers for promotion purposes.

The RFL is held periodically within the police force to determine the fitness level of an officer and is used as the minimum required qualification to assess promotions.

“I had earlier stated that there would be changes, and part of those changes include reviews of a number of internal policies, keeping in mind that the intent of these reviews is to ensure improved service delivery,” the acting commissioner said.

“Once the reviews are completed, I will be able to comment further on the specifics.

“Our focus is bringing back confidence in the organisation and aligning policies in accordance with best practices police were once known for and what worked best for the policing profession.”

There are more than 4500 police officers in Fiji.

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