Police IDC begins

Lincoln Refrigeration Pte Ltd Police Soccer Inter-District Competition action between Western Division Two and Southern Division. Picture: FIJI POLICE FORCE

The 2023 Lincoln Refrigeration Pte Ltd Police Soccer Inter-District Competition got underway yesterday morning at Subrail Park in Labasa.

Officiating the official opening was the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Professor Biman Prasad who acknowledged members of the Fiji Police Force for their dedication and loyalty to service.

“We at the Finance Ministry and in Government work towards ensuring that our economic and social security is enhanced and progressed, while you in the Police Force work tirelessly in maintaining our internal security,” he said.

“As I always say, your job, and my job, comes with a bouquet and bricks. When things don’t go right you get the bricks thrown at you, when all is good, you get the bouquet. Thank you for your dedication and commitment towards serving our people, communities, and our nation”.

The Deputy Prime Minister said seeing the participation of police officers in a variety of sports was encouraging.

“Sports and indeed soccer is always a force for uniting our people.

“These attributes in my view are very important to an organization such as the Fiji Police, as proper fitness mental alertness and teamwork are key for you”.

He also acknowledged the heads of the Fiji Police Force and Republic of Fiji Military Forces for upholding the legacy and spirit of which the Ratu Sukuna Tournament was initiated.

“I see the Sukuna Bowl as a unique opportunity to foster camaraderie and friendly competition between these two disciplined forces in Fiji.

“Not only does it promote healthy competition, but also provides a platform for our esteemed men and women in uniform to showcase their talents”.

“It reflects the commitment of the leadership towards supporting and encouraging holistic development of our disciplined forces. Strengthens bonds between the FPF and RFMF, promoting a united front, fostering a closer working relationship in managing the internal and external security of our nation”.

Match results (Day 1); Northern Division 0 – 0 Head Quarters, Western Division Two 3 – 0 Southern Division, Western Division One 1 – 1 Central Division, Eastern Division 0 – 1 Police Mobile Force.

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