PSC sets timeframe for permanent secretaries selection

Public Service Commission chairman Luke Rokovada in his office in Suva. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has set a timeframe of six months to advertise and select the best individuals for various permanent secretary positions.

This was confirmed by PSC chair Luke Rokovada.

Speaking to this newspaper, he said they had not yet fixed a date to send out the advertisements.

This news comes as the PSC announced a reshuffle and cessation of contracts of some permanent secretary positions.

Mr Rokovada also said they were “very careful” to plan all possible reshuffles and movement within the civil service in a way that the day-to-day running of various ministries and government bodies were not impacted.

“We are very careful that whatever changes that are happening does not disrupt the delivery of service and the machinery of Government so we are careful,” he said. “That’s why it’s not being done in one broad brush; it’s all being done in stages.”

He said the PSC was also looking at all the positions systematically in different stages.

“As soon as we can identify replacements, we’ll go ahead with it but all positions will be advertised, I think sometime next month. We have not fixed a date yet.

“All appointments will be made through these advertised positions. We’ve put ourselves at a timeframe of six months from now. It’ll be settled by that time.”

The PSC has reiterated that it is incumbent on all those interested to submit their applications, including those whose contracts were discontinued.

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