Raiwai ready for Vulaca

Women volleyball during the Raiwai Volleyball Association weekly competition at the Raiwai Eagles courts in Raiwai on Saturday, January 28, 2023. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

The Raiwai Volleyball Association is on track with its training as they prepare for the Vulaca Championship on Thursday and Friday.

President Jim Rosse said they would be fielding six teams and they had to keep up with what the coaching panel had required of them.

“Training has been intense as the competition dates are near,” he said.

“Our teams are going through mental and physical training.

“We are training them to play calm when playing in a pressured game. The players have been fine-tuning their playing skills under the watchful eyes of the coaches.

“Since this is the first sanctioned tournament, the competition will be intense so we are looking forward to that.”

He thanked their sponsors LB Masters, Ben’s Kitchen, Western Union Raiwai Women’s Veteran Association, Brothers in Arms Club, Spankyhoods Club for their donation and the Korobiau family for coming on board to support them during their Fiji’s sanctioned tournament.

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