Saneem responds to Fiji Times article

Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem speaks to the media during a press conference at the Fijian Elections Office in Toorak, Suva on Sunday, September 25, 2022. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem has hit out at The Fiji Times, claiming this newspaper published wrong data regarding the Rock the Vote Fiji Facebook page.

At a media conference yesterday, he claimed the page had more than 640 posts and not 192 as stated in the article published in this newspaper on Tuesday.

Mr Saneem said he had all the posts “if Fiji Times want to count it” and said “The Fiji Times can bring its entire team and count it”.

The SOE also claimed that many posts had been removed from the said social media account.

“I did a little bit of mathematics, the Rock the Vote page has over 640 posts, not 192,” he said.

“And then there are so many posts that have been deleted so we counted that 44 posts of your front page Fiji Times deleted from the account itself.”

The Fiji Times article quoted The People’s Alliance deputy leader, Lynda Tabuya, saying the Rock the Vote Fiji page promoted Mr Saneem and the Fijian Elections Office more than herself or her party.

She said 192 posts from the page were on Mr Saneem and the FEO, compared with 15 posts on her and two on The People’s Alliance.

The article did not say the Rock the Vote page only had 192 pages in total.

Mr Saneem said FEO had screenshots of politicians standing in front of a crowd and “saying vote for this person and the other one is saying no vote for this person”.

“But since they have the right to reply we are not releasing any more information, but of course it’s very problematic when The Fiji Times absolutely runs the front page with all the wrong calculations asking me to do the math.

“So here is some math for you Fiji Times, 640 posts — go find the rest from the one that you have reported.”

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