Shortage of CO2 affects beer production worldwide including Fiji

Mike Spencer of Paradise Beverages. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

Beer producers around the world have been hit by a shortage of carbon dioxide and Fiji has not escaped unscathed with the key ingredient in short supply.

Paradise Beverages said it has been “impacted” by the low supply of CO2 gas a critical component in the production of carbonated drinks including Fiji Bitter and Fiji Gold.

Local distributors reached out to this newspaper last week, claiming they were being turned away from Paradise Beverages factories after being told there was a shortage of Fiji Beer and Fiji Gold.

“Just like with many businesses in Fiji, we are impacted by supply chain issues and global uncertainties,” said Paradise Beverages general manager Mike Spencer.

“CO2 is an ingredient that we and other carbonated beverage manufacturers use and there are global supply chain issues we are all working through.

“We are focused on continuing the production of our much-loved brands including Fiji Gold, Fiji Bitter, Ratu, Joskes Brew with Cola just to name a few.”

Beer manufacturers in the USA and Australia have reported that a shortage of cO2 on the world market was affecting production and it could last for months.

Paradise Beverages did not provide answers to specific questions on whether beer production had stopped and what was the current beer stock and when would the stock run out if CO2 was not made available.

The company also has not said what beer products were facing production problems because of the unavailability of CO2.

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